Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tan and Tan Lawyers 7th Annual Golf Tournament

Dear readers

This is Tan and Tan Lawyers 7th Annual Golf tournament. We will play at WA Golf Club. Book early.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Prize giving dinner for the Tan and Tan Lawyers Cup 2018

Dear readers

These are the photos from the prize giving dinner.

Thanks to our sponsors that included:

Mozart Patisserie
Susan Zhang
Murdoch Pines Golf Range
Aus Chinese Times.

Daniel Ying Longest drive

Nearest pin: Jason Chia

Longest drive: Dong Honmg Gao

Ladies 3rd: Lucy Shi
Mens 3rd: Toiny Huang
Ladies 2nd: Jenny Kwek
Mens 2nd: Ming MIng Zhang
Ladies champ: Susan Zhang
Mens champ: Henry Pua

The Tan and Tan Lawyers 2018 6th Annual Golf Tournament

Dear readers

Tan and Tan Lawyers celebrated their 6th Annual Tan and tan Lawyer Golf Cup event on 15 April 2018 at Gosnells Golf Club.
It was a beautiful day and 30 plus players braved the course.
After the event, there was a prize giving dinner at Nonjia Yang Chinese Restaurant in Belmont.

See the video for the winners of the Tan and Tan Lawyers 2018 Golf Tournament and the prize giving dinner.

Winner Longest drive: Daniel Ying
Winner longest drive ladies: DongHong Gao
NTP: Jason Chia
Ladies: Susan Zhang No. 1
Jenny Kwek No. 2
Lucy Shi No. 3
Champ: Henry Pua
Runner up: Ming Ming Zhang
2nd runner up: Tony Huang.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Ball Construction Group Inaugural Golf Tournament 2017

Dear readers

What a great day we had at Royal Fremantle Golf Club on Sunday 10 Dec 2017. It was hot. Very hot. However I am sure all the players, some 40 of them enjoyed the challenge.

We have to thank Shane Ball of Ball Construction Group for his sponsorship of the event.

The results for the tournament was as follows:

Nearest the pin hole 17th Hole: John Li. Hole 8th: Suzi Shen.

Longest drive: Hole 11th: Alex Jefferson and Hole1: MingMing  Zhang.

Nearest the pin, John Li

Nearest the pin: and 2nd place winner Suzi Shen
3rd place winner Lina Cui
Jason Jia , our nett champ
Leonard Matt , our Gross champ
Jennie Kwek , our ladies winner

In the ladies group, the 3rd place went to Lina Cui with a score of 108 off 23 and net at 85. Suzi came in 2nd with a score of 82 off 7  and a net of 75. Jenny Kwek was first with a score of 105 playing at 35 with a net of 70. In the mens Duncan Hackman was 3rd with a score of 84 and handicap at 12 with a score of 72. 2nd was Stewart Lee with a score of 93 and a handicap of 22 netting 71. The winner was Jason Jia with 85 and handicap 20. His score was 65 giving him the champion trophy.

In the gross score, Hughie Gawler, our newest and first Canadian member got a score of 85. 2nd was Martin Wong at 77. The gross champ was Leonard Matt with 75. Well done.

This is the last event for the 2017 year. The association has had a great year and look forward to a great 2018.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Inaugural Ballpoint Construction Group Golf Tournament 2017

Dear readers

Our Vice President, Shane Ball of Ballpoint Construction Group would like to invite you all to participate in his inaugural golf tournament.

Place:  Royal Fremantle Golf Club.

Day: 10th Dec Sun at 11 am.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Prize giving dinner for the Rongqiao Golf Tournament

Dear readers

Here are the videos of the prize giving dinner.

Our sponsors, Rongqiao Group of Companies

Fanson , our Rongqiao sponsor
Simon Yan, nearest the pin
Tony Huang, Nearest the pin
Jiang Ling Tang, who had the best score but no official handicap, content with knowing she did well.
Susan Zhang, Ladies 2nd
Chen Wang, the ladies champ
Henry Pua, Mens 3rd
Jackie Chen, Mens 2nd
Thomas Kim the Mens Champion