Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Careline Chinese New Year Cup

Dear readers

It was another beautiful day at the golf course for the Aus-Chinese Golf Association. This time, we managed to organise a tournament at the beautiful WA Golf Club at Yokine.

There were over 30 players that pitted their skills to win the trophies sponsored by Careline which is a business owned by Ben Pan and Mrs Pan.  Their shop is at 395 William St, Northbridge specialising in the sale of beauty and health products.

The tee off at 1130 am ensured all players were able to complete the game and get ready for dinner which was held at Happy Family Inn at Northbridge.

Many players brought their spouses for the dinner which was great for the association.

We were again lucky that Dan Zhou took all these great photos for us.

Again we were grateful to President Shen and Gao for making the arrangements for the tournament.

Shen, Ray, sponsor Ben and Gao

Photos of the prizegiving ceremony will be updated soon.