Monday, July 28, 2014

Prize giving and dinner for the 3rd ALV Cup

Dear readers

Thanks to Zhou Dan and Alan for the photos.

Tony Cheng for his net 3rd prize
Liu for net 3rd

Brendan for his longest drive prize
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Ding for nearest the pin prize

TK LOi with his gross first prize
Matt Posa with his gross 3rd prize

Our promising juniors
Our Ashbrook wine sponsor
Our wine sponsor from Ashbrook

3rd ALV Cup at the Vines

Dear readers

The weather was again a threat for the 3rd ALV Cup. There were nearly 50 players and they were all brave enough to turn up even though the day started looking wet.

Prior to the game, there had been meetings with the organisers as the Aus Chinese Golf Asso board believed that the players should get trophies for the best nett scores. There was also discussions regarding sponsorship and benefits to all parties.

As a result of the discussions, trophies were prepared for the 3 net winners. The sponsors also agreed that members will be subsidised for the playing fee.

It is in the Association's interest to increase its membership so that we have greater bargaining powers.

This resulted in a strong turnout on 27 July.

The final winners were :

Gross winners:

1. TK Loi
2. Pai Liu
3.  Matt Posa.

They all got wines provided by this month's wine sponsor which was donated  by
Ashbrook Estate. Great wines, great owners. See

The sauvignon went down very well with my chicken dish.

The net score winners got trophies. They were:

1.  Hong Tao Cai
2.   Jizhong Liu
3.  Tony Cheng

The nearest the pin winner was Bing.

Brendan Glynn won the prize for the longest drive.

2nd ALV Cup photos and winners

Dear friends

The 2nd ALV Cup took place on 29th June 2014 at the Vines. It was touch and go regarding the weather.

The weather held out and everyone survived getting wet except for the last hole.

Photos of the event taken by Dan Zhou can be seen at the facebook page at

We were lucky enough to get wine sponsored by Knee Deep Winery and Restaurant which is based in Margaret River.

The wine was great and you can see more info at