Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Results of the 2nd Murdoch Pines Challenge Cup

Dear friends

What a beautiful day we had for the Murdoch Pines 2015 Golf Challenge which was held at the Melville Glades Golf Club for the first time.

There were over 36 players that registered and it promised to be a great tournament.

The players arrived from 10 am and had more than enough time to warm up.

We had Andrew Tan as our new photographer.

Photos are below:
The field for the tournament

Yimin Zhang 3rd place net
Jazton Tan winner of net 2nd
Matt Posa winning his own trophy with a gross score of 77

Dong Hong winner of 2nd place womens nett
Susan winning yet another net womens champ trophy

Lucy, our newest member who got a birdie from her first 18 holes of golf.

Zhang from Kew Club in Melbourne who was our guest
Jaz winning the longest drive

The winners were:


1. Matt Posa
2. Jazton Tan
3. Yiming Zhang


1. Susan Zhang
2. Dong Hong

Longest drive:

1. Jazton Tan
2. HenryPua

Nearest the pin:

1. Matt Posa
2. Shen Sheng

 After the game we had a great dinner at Shanghai Tea Gardens where prizes were presented.

The sponsors Murdoch Pines Driving Range gave numerous hats, a golf bag which was auctioned for $100 and many other gifts.

It was a great golf day for all.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Murdoch Pines Golf Tournament 2015

Dear friends

It is time for the Murdoch Pines Golf Tournament 2015. This year it will be held at Melville Glades Golf Club which is a private club at Leeming.

It promises to be a great day of golf. Many will be hoping to better their  game after the Money Chain Inaugural Tournament. Please see info below and book early as there is a maximum of 50 players allowed.k

Monday, November 23, 2015

Results of the Inaugural ACGA Money Chain Golf Tournament

Dear readers

After a grueling and hot day, the results of the winners were announced at a dinner held at Canton Restaurant at Morley.

The final results were:

Nearest the Pin:  Duncan Hackman and Renjie Li (Songvit)
Longest Drives:  Duncan Hackman and Henry Pua

Ladies:  Dong Hong Gao with 73
2nd : Lynette Wen with 83

Men's Gross: Matt Posa 1st
Martin Wong 2nd and Guo Li 3rd

Net Winners: Yimin Zhang 3rd
Rain Wang 2nd and Net champion was Allen Rao.

Many of the winners have won their first trophy and were ecstatic.

Congratulations to all of them and good luck for their next tournament.

The association would like to thank Money Chain Foreign Exchange for their sponsorship.

Fanson Ye and his team were great host and we look forward to seeing them again next year.

The next tournament is at Araluen Golf course sponsored by Murdoch Pines Driving Range.

See you all there.

Trophies and prizes

Fanson and President Shen
The team from Money Chain
Longest drive: Duncan Hackman
Eric representing Henry who won the longest drive too.

Duncan also winning the nearest the pin trophy

Lynette Wen with her first trophy after trying hard for 2 years.
Dong Hong also with her first trophy as net winner.

Renjie LI (Songvit) winning the nearest the pin

Yimin Zhang, 3rd place winner for net score
Rain Wang , 2nd place winner for net score.

Matthew Posa winning the gross trophy with a score of 81.

Martin Wong was no. 2 with a gross score of 82.

Roland Lau accepting Martin Wong's gross 2nd prize trophy

Guo Li with the 3rd place gross score of 87.
Guest player William who had a gross score of 73

Haoran Jia who had an eagle for the day.

Our net score winner, new member Allen Rao

Great day of golf for the Inaugural Money Chain Golf Tournament

 Dear readers

It was a hot day but a beautiful day. There were over 47 players that turned up for the Inaugural ACGA- Money Chain Golf Tournament.

The sponsor was represented by Fanson Ye. The field was split into 2 groups for teeing off from the first and tenth tee.
 Special mention needs to be made for President Shen who did most of the organising for the tournament.
Martin our captain also sacrificed his game by taking the junior and new members under his wing for the tournament.
Duncan Hackman also got there early to help with all the flags and signage to promote the sponsor.

More photos of the event can be viewed at:

Fanson and President Shen teeing off their coloured balls.
Representatives of Money Chain