Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Prize giving dinner for the Rongqiao Golf Tournament

Dear readers

Here are the videos of the prize giving dinner.

Our sponsors, Rongqiao Group of Companies

Fanson , our Rongqiao sponsor
Simon Yan, nearest the pin
Tony Huang, Nearest the pin
Jiang Ling Tang, who had the best score but no official handicap, content with knowing she did well.
Susan Zhang, Ladies 2nd
Chen Wang, the ladies champ
Henry Pua, Mens 3rd
Jackie Chen, Mens 2nd
Thomas Kim the Mens Champion

Monday, August 28, 2017

Rongqiao's Golf Tournament at Araluen

Dear readers

On 28 August 2017, the ACGA players attended at Araluen Golf Course for the Rongqiao Cup tournament.

What a beautiful day after all the winter blues and rain we have been getting.

There were a total of 47 players pitting their skills to try and win the trophies.

The course was tough and the greens fast.

The eventual winners were:

Nearest the pin:  Simon Yan and Tony Huang.
Longest drive: Martin Wong and Kitty Cai.

Women's winners:

1st: Chen Wang playing off 45 and hitting 119 with a net score of 74.
2nd: Susan Zhang playing off 24 and scoring 102 for a net score of 78.

Mens winners :

1st: Thomas Kim playing off 22 and scoring 88 with a net score of 66.
2nd: Jackie Chen playing off 18 and scoring 91 with a net score of 72.
3rd: Henry Pua playing off 12 with a score of 85 and net 73.

The women's actually had Jiangling Tang winning at 106 and net 69 as she had a 36 handicap. However, the handicap was not verified as she does not have an official handicap. She had to be content with a bottle of wine. She graciously said that she was happy to be acknowledged that she had a good score. Good on her.

That encourages her to become an ACGA member so that she can get an official handicap.

At dinner, the ladies approached me and requested/demanded that as there are more than 10 of them playing as members, there should be prizes for 1st , 2nd and 3rd. Of course we have to oblige them. From now on ACGA will provide 3 trophies for the ladies.

We have to thank our sponsors Rongqiao and Fanson. Photos of the prizegiving dinner will be uploaded soon.

Jackie Chen's Hole in One Celebration tournament

Dear readers

Our member Jackie Chen had a hole in one at Joondalup Golf course on 21 May 2017.

To celebrate, he invited the ACGA members and several of his close friends to a friendly match fully sponsored by Jackie.

The players had a free game and dinner at Joondalup Golf course on  27 July 2017.

There were over 30 players.

The eventual winners were:

Nearest the pin : Winston Yu and Ken Zhang.
Longest drive:  Sean Grogan for men.
Mens Champ: Martin Wong with a gross score of 75. He also won $500 cash.
Ladies champ: Lina Cui with a gross score of 99. She won $500 cash.
Encouragement award went to May Han who had 121 as her score.

There was also a challenge between the ACGA top 8 players against another golf association called Chong Yuan Golf Club invited by Jackie. ACGA won with a net score of the top players at 499 against Chong Yuan's nett score of 520.

It was very generous of Jackie and we hope he gets another hole in one soon.

Photos will be uploaded as soon as I get them from Jackie's son. There was also a drone operated by Jackie's son with great shots but I have yet to upload the pictures.