Sunday, December 16, 2012

The First blog post of the WA Chinawind Golf Association

The Vines competition

Dear readers

Welcome to the first blog post of the WA Chinawind Golf Association ("Chinawind Golf"). This is a golf association that aims to promote golf to the Asian community in Perth.

The association is in the process of being incorporated.

Chinawind Golf had it's first inaugural meeting before the tee off for the First Annual Golf Game which was held at The Vines on 16 Dec 2012.

The inaugural meeting resulted in the following interim nominations.

Shen Sheng as President
Gao Feng as Vice President
Henry Pua as Secretary
Raymond Tan as Treasurer
Frank Pua, Stevie Teo   as Committee members.

All nominated appointments were unanimously voted in  by the attending members.

Inaugural general meeting for the appointment of interim board members

Our charismatic president

Our very entertaining Vice President

After the inaugural general meeting, the players commenced their competition. It was a beautiful day and the results were outstanding.

The winning players will be reported in due course together with photos.

After the competition, the players adjourned to Old Shanghai Tea House for a beautiful dinner. Photos will be added in due course.

Photos of the event can also be seen at

The photographer is Dan Zhou from the Xinhua News Agency. Copyright for all photos belong to her and she has been great in capturing the essence and jubilation of the players.

Our gross champion

Gross score runner up

Gross score 3rd place

Gross score Champion: Long Zifang (78 gross) 
Gross score runner-up: Roy Loi (79 gross) 
Gross score second runner-up: Jason Ng (81 gross) 

Net score Champion: Henry Pua (67 net) 
Net score runner-up: Raymond Tan (70 net) 
Net score second runner-up: Haidong Chi (71 net) 

Net score champ

Net score runner up
3rd place winner Net score

Furthers drive award: Nobuo

Nearest the pin award: Qiang Shi 

BB award: TangYandi 

YD Tang from the Chinese Consulate who was the winner of the Bunker to Bunker award getting encouragement from the president

Woman special award: Suzzi Shen 

Suzzi Shen, our future ladies PGA champ

Sportsmanship award: Shen Hongwei 

Future Star Award: Ken Tianyi Gao (age 7) 

Ken Gao. our future star

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