Monday, March 18, 2013

The Inaugural Aus Chinese Golf Association Tan and Tan Lawyers Cup

Dear Readers

The weekend saw the completion of the Inaugural Aus Chinese Golf Association  Tan and Tan Lawyers Cup.

Photos for the event are still being uploaded.

The event took place on a sunny day at the beautiful Burswood Park Golf Course on 17 March 2013.

There were 23 players who pitted their skills against each other.

Players without an official Golf Link card played off an 18 handicap.

I had just received my Golf link handicap after joining the Melville Glades Golf Club. It is a difficult and narrow course and I have yet to break 100 there after playing 3 games to get my handicap card. I was given a 26 handicap .

Was it a good thing that I got a 26 official handicap just before this tournament? I suppose it was as I managed to come in Nett 1st.

More details will be provided later with photos of the day.

The winners were:

Nearest the Pin:  Gary Li.
Nearest the Pin: LC Huang.
Longest drive: TK Loi

Gross 1st: Jason Ng
Gross 2nd: TK Loi
Gross 3rd: Henry Pua

Net 1st: Raymond Tan
Net 2nd H S Huang
Net 3rd Y. Li

Gross and net overall champion: Ricky Ren

We had a great dinner at Xintiandi in the night. Most of the players brought their family which is good for family relationships.

We were lucky to have Dan Zhou, Peter Wang and Wei Jiang Dong take all the great photos and videos for the competition. They own the copyright.

TS Loi, Longest drive

Jason our Gross winner

Jazton Tan, the rising star

Suzzi winning yet again

As the trophies were specially ordered from Sydney, they took longer than expected to arrive. They did arrive 1 day after the comp and we had a prizegiving ceremony at the Terrace Rd offices of Tan and Tan Lawyers.

The trophies sponsored by Tan and Tan Lawyers and P and P Distributors
Nett score trophies

Gross score trophies

Gross and nett Champion Perpetual Trophy

Nearest the pin and longest drive trophies sponsored by P and P Distributors

Our gross and nett Champion Ricky Ren

Our nearest the pin winner LC Huang, receiving his first ever golf trophy. There will be more to come.

Henry Chen receiving Gary Li's prize for nearest the pin.
Henry Pua receiving his Gross 3rd prize from President Shen

It has been great sponsoring this event. The highlight for me was making my first Mandarin speech to the players.

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