Sunday, August 4, 2013

The 2013 AGM and the results of the Vines Competition

Dear readers and members

It was a great Sunday morning. The player started arriving at 1030am at the Vines. As usual Gao Feng, Henry and Sheng had done a great job organising the competition. Many of us do not know how much has to be done to organise a golf day.  Meals have to be arranged. The officials have to organise the players' tee off times. Scores have to be calculated.

Moneys have to be collected for the membership. We do it all for the love of the game.

We had our first AGM at the conference room after a light lunch.

The following positions were filled with unanimous support.

President: Sheng Shen
Vice President: Gao Feng
Secretary: Henry Pua
Treasurer: Raymond Tan

Beautiful photos were taken by Dan Zhou as usual. I will be updating the blogs with the photos in due course.

There were a total of 34 players  including Consul Liu and Consul Tang from the Chinese Consulate.

We also had Gareth and Nick representing Newman and Brooks who sponsored the nearest the pin and longest drive competition.

It was a very windy day and many of the players had trouble staying on the fairway.

As I was in the first group I managed to get my name on 2 of the nearest the pin holes. Alas, by the time we got back to the clubhouse, I was out of contention. I even had my name down on the longest drive as Gareth and Sheng ended in the bunker. Of course that did not last long as the other players rolled in from behind.

The players returned to the clubhouse by 6 pm for dinner at 630pm.

The winners were:

Nearest the pin:

Hole 4: Jacky Chan
Hole 7: Jason Ng
Hole 3: Gang Fu
Home 16 : Kwang
Nearest the pin : Jason

Nearest the pin, Hwang

Longest drive, Ricky

Gross Winner:

1. Teik  Loi
2. Henry Pua
3. Jason Ng

Jason Ng, Gross 3rd place

Henry Pua, Gross 2nd place

Loi, Gross first place

Nett winner:

1. Sheng Shen
2. Chan Long
3. Raymond Tan

Raymond Tan , nett 3rd winner

Chan Long , Nett 2nd winner

Shen Shen, Nett 1st winner

A great day for golf. On the way home, there were discussions about changing the game format. We have had Loi, Jason and Henry monopolising the gross scores wins. They are the strongest players in the group and many of us cannot compete against them as they are nearly scratch players.



Natalie with our youngest golfer

I think the format for the next game will be nett prize winners for the first 6 players.

It has also reached the stage where we should be able to give official handicaps to all the players.  That means those with high handicaps do not have to play off 18.

I am investigating how we can arrange golf link handicaps for the players who do not have an official handicap. That can only make the game fairer for all.


Raymond Tan

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