Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dinner and prize presentation for Tan and Tan Lawyers Golf Cup 2016

The Tan family with the boy's girlfriends
Jazton with the nearest the pin
Dong Liang Zhang nearest the pin
Henry Pua's longest drive
Martin's longest drive

Lynette's 2nd place trophy
Susan winning the ladies champ trophy again with a clear 10 strokes from Lynette

Rain Wang 3rd place mens
Songvit's 2nd place
Jazton Tan's net champ 2016
New member Sophie
New member Jack Huang
New member Zhang
New member Ivan Wang
New member Qiang Xiao Jia
Sheng Ke singing
Mrs Zheng singing
Steven Li's mum singing
Winner of the singing contest
The board
Susan our ladies champ with son Tommy

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